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Granite countertops

Granite countertop can be made in almost any color, while possessing the elegance and uniqueness of the natural pattern.

Of course, its strength is the second plus of the granite countertop.
Granite is also called massive and eternal, it is almost twice as strong as marble, so the granite countertop will last longer than the countertops made of marble.

The third plus is resistance to high temperatures, therefore, you can not be afraid to put hot pans or pans on the surface of a granite countertop, because there will be no traces left on the table top.

The fourth plus is the hardness of granite, thanks to which, on the granite countertop, during its operation, there are much fewer marks from mechanical influences (chips, scratches or scuffs), compared to marble or onyx countertops.

does not absorb moisture.

materials overview

Marble countertops

Marble was first mined in ancient Greece. Nowadays, the use of this stone in the decoration testifies to the impeccable taste and high status of the owner.

Quartz countertops

Your quartz countertop for the bathroom will be unique, because the surface pattern can not be repeated, just like the lines on the arm.

Granite cointertops

Granite belongs to the most popular types of "family", so you can not doubt - the product of it will last longer than any other analogue of glass, wood or plastic.

Onix countertops

Onyx perfectly reflects artificial and natural light. The table top made of this stone will become an ornament of any room.