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materials overview

Marble countertops

Marble was first mined in ancient Greece. Nowadays, the use of this stone in the decoration testifies to the impeccable taste and high status of the owner.

Quartz countertops

Your quartz countertop for the bathroom will be unique, because the surface pattern can not be repeated, just like the lines on the arm.

Granite cointertops

Granite belongs to the most popular types of "family", so you can not doubt - the product of it will last longer than any other analogue of glass, wood or plastic.

Onix countertops

Onyx perfectly reflects artificial and natural light. The table top made of this stone will become an ornament of any room.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is very hard, even harder than granite, for its refinment requires diamond equipment with water cooling. Quartz worktops have increased resistance to high temperatures. Heat from the cooker or hot saucepan can not damage the surface

Shock resistant. Unlike acrylic stone, quartz agglomerate countertops can withstand even a severe hammer blow - falling on them of any objects does not cause damage.
Heat resistant. Material of this type is able to withstand heating up to 100 degrees - the same acrylic stone can withstand only 80 degrees.

Wear-resistant. This material does not wear off with time and does not change its appearance throughout its life.

Water repellent. Zero hygroscopicity - in this respect they practically do not differ from table tops made of acrylic stone.

Acid-resistant. Household chemicals and even serious reagents such as acids are not able to cause a quartz countertop any harm. Unlike acrylic stone, quartz agglomerate countertops can withstand even a severe hammer blow - falling on them of any objects does not cause damage.

Wall slabs & tiles installation

Walls from marble have bactericidal properties - marble has a fame, so it has antiseptic properties, preventing the reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms.

Facing the walls with granite is done with large slabs (their size varies within two or three meters) or modular tiles.

The price for a granite wall is made up of the cost of the rock (which in turn depends on its color, texture, country of origin), complexity and installation area, wall height.

The walls of onyx have a bright color and unusual natural patterns, the walls of onyx equipped with lighting create a stunning effect.

Steps tiles

Marble and granite - material capable of surviving many centuries

We do everything fast and efficiently. We appreciate your time! We will come and start working right away.

The price for the steps of granite and marble will depend on where the stone is mined. The second criterion for evaluation is the dimensions, length, width and thickness of products.

Only licensed & insured professionals will do quality and reliable steps instalation.

Granite, Marble & Onyx Tables

Granite tables is not afraid of precipitation and does not change the appearance after processing and grinding.

Our masters will help to develop a layout or sketch, prompt and select a granite table that will decorate your interior.

Environmental safety of Granite, Marble & Onyx is another reason why tables from this material are very popular. Patio screen repair Miami